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Supply Chain Manager

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Job Category: Array
Job ID: 330668
Employment Type: Employee
Salary: per month
Posted: 02.20.2019


Job Description:

Strategic role:
• Establish, communicate, implement and lead the strategy and objectives for the Ope&SCM organization in alignment with the different department’s strategy (Food Service, Retail, Souk) in a short term view (2 years) and long term view (5 years).
• Establish key performance indicators and drives the analysis and action plans to continually enhance the results. Approve targets for %OOS, Inventories level, complexity management, non-saleable stock.
• Develop and manage the overall Ope &SCM budget and investment plan (assets) to serve the market, at the optimum cost/service balance.
• Drive and act as a leader/role model for the entire Ope&SCM organization to meet and/or exceed objectives for:
Research & Development, Item Master Data, Supply Planning (Purchasing and Production planning), Demand Planning, Purchasing, Procurement, Production, Maintenance, Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Logistics (Warehouse, Transport).
• Develop, coordinate and control the Safety, Hygiene, Environment and Quality policy within the company according to UAE and Export legislations and standards quality.
• Provide clear, leadership and guidance for the Ope&SCM team ensuring:
- Clear responsibility and accountability within the supply chain operations
- Documented processes and procedures covering all supply chain activities
- Process adherence through an effective measurement, and performance management environment 
Provide an effective interface between the Supply Chain and other business partners/leaders:
- Understand the business requirements, and be responsive to dealing with issues
- Clearly communicate expectations for information and support from other functions/ operations
- Communicate and gain consensus on responsibility and accountability through appropriate KPIs
• Develop new capabilities within the supply chain organisation to support new/ expanding business opportunities and improve customer satisfaction
• Generate powerful and creative ideas that define opportunities and leverage resources to accomplish goals. Seeks and analyses opportunities to improve supply chain/production activities through simplification of business processes and cost reduction to maintain a proactive service and minimise supply chain complexity.
• Identify, develop and recommend strategic opportunities, including technological enhancements, to advance SCM operations; identify the value proposition and create the business case to quantify and support the opportunity.
• Ensure timely recruitment of staffs & managers in line with the development strategy of the company.
• Actively support the skill development and career growth of Ope&SCM individuals by identifying & arranging training for the development of the staffs. Manage the Training budget of Ope&SC staffs.
• Promote an environment which attracts, recruits, and retains SCM individuals.
• Support a cross-functional environment through effective leadership and communication
• Ensure compliance of rules& regulations: Working policy, SHEQ policy

Job Requirements: