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Lab Consultant


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Health Care, Other, Pharmaceutical


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Full time

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Job Description:

  • Lead all of the Laboratory’s technical and managerial activities to achieve the short-term and long-term financial and non-financial goals, objectives, and targets.
  •  Organizing, monitoring, and managing the laboratory operations and sections internally and externally with other branches, departments, and clients to improve the overall quality of operations and excel in the medical services provided to customers and clients at both the laboratory and the regional level
  •  Overseeing the implementation of the standards of policies and procedures, especially: CAP, JCIA, CBAHI, and ISO.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Prepares the laboratory budget including the expected income, cost, technical, human and financial resources needs for laboratories.
  • Prepares the monthly and weekly work plans for the laboratory.
  • Prepares growth plan for the laboratory in coordination with the regional manager and the applicable department.
  • Manages the daily laboratory operations including planning, organizing, and monitoring of the performance.
  • Develops and maintains appropriate control and quality assurance procedures; ensure compliance with safety requirements;
  • Validates accuracy of assigned laboratory reports. Verifies that abnormal results have been doubled checked or investigated and that panic values are promptly reported to the concerned physicians.
  • Documents remedial action taken for detected deficiencies as identified through quality control measures or inspection.
  • Prepares and maintain required documentation of test results; record and analyze data using computer hardware and software.
  • Assists technicians in the appropriate utilization of laboratory services and interpretation of results.
  • Maintains established procedures for the retention of specimen and patient records.
  • Coordinates maintenance of laboratory instrumentation with suppliers.
  • Calibrates laboratory equipment in accordance with appropriate methods and standards.
  • Approves requisitions and direct maintenance of an inventory of laboratory equipment, chemicals and supplies.
  • Coordinates leaves and holidays of staff in order to maintain a good workflow in the laboratory. Ensures that staff takes their annual and other holidays accordingly.
  • Ensures all lab team adhere to their job description.
  • Identifies resources needed and assigns individual responsibilities.
  • Minimizes the lab’s exposure and risk in the laboratory.
  • Ensures all laboratory documents are complete, current and stored properly.
  • Follows up laboratory financial billing and monitors the receivable in coordination with the Sales Dept and the Regional Manager.
  • Actively engages in increasing the laboratory's customer base and revenue.
  • Schedule with the sales department clients’ visits.
  • Oversees orientation and training for assigned employees in coordination with the HR department.
  • Consults with senior medical technologist to solve lab problems.
  • Provides technical expertise to laboratory staff as needed or requested.
  • Holds regular status meetings with laboratories team.
  • Keeps laboratory team well informed of changes within organization.
  • Monitors performance and provides coaching for performance improvement and development.
  • Ensures the delivery of cost effective and efficient medical service within the available resources.
  • Establishes and implements health and safety guidelines in the laboratory.
  • Monitors the laboratory budget.
  • Actively handles customer complaints in a proficient manner, informs the management of the complaint and where necessary writes incident reports.
  • Submits monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports to the Regional Manager and top management showing results versus plans and the improvements opportunities.

Job Requirements:

  • PhD or Master’s Degree in medical laboratories;
  • Certification as Doctor or a Senior Specialist from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, licensing from ministry of health.
  • Minimum two years’ experience after the PhD, or five years’ experience after the Master degree in a managerial-level position in a private laboratory.
If interested and meeting the above criteria, please send your CV with a recent photo, mentioning the job title in the subject line to

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