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Economic Researcher


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Consultant, Other, Science, Strategy-Planning


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Full time

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Job Description:

  • Prepare a proposal for a full integrated research, review the economic literature, collect the necessary data and analysis, and draw conclusions of the practical nature.
  • Prepare a proposal for a comprehensive Problematic studies and methodologies and procedures for implementation, as well as research and working papers and articles and visualizations.
  • Checking the previous studies and present it with its criticism
  • Collect the necessary data, including secondary data and documentary and field in addition to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze and develop questionnaires to do so.
  • Supervision of the field surveys and collect scientific information on studies and research
  • Preparation of the finalized study , including recommendations and practical proposals in the form of policies, plans and strategies that can be implemented.
  • Evaluation of the studies and researches in the area of his ​​competence and prepare visuals around and where requested to do so.
  • Carry out any other work assigned by the direct supervisor.

Job Requirements:

  • university degree or more studies in the field of economics
  • Min 2 Years of Experience in the same field
  • Experience in the field of Applied Economic Research
  • Good knowledge of economic theory and its relation to social science
  • Good knowledge of modern econometric methods.
  • Preferably holding training programs in one or all of the following fields:
  1. Methods and Research Methodology
  2. Economic analysis of quantitative methods and applications using statistical programs such as SPSS, STATA, R, MATLAB, RATS, GAMS, etc
  • Familiarity with the basic concepts and theories related to the economic science
  • Good knowledge of the basics of statistics and econometrics and applications using various computer programs
  • Good knowledge of the methods of qualitative research
  • Proficiency to deal with MS Office Programs In addition to the ability to use standard software and mathematical programs such as: SPSS, STATA, R, MATLAB, RATS, GAMS, etc.
  • Familiarity with the computer skills and its various applications that are used in the search of the political issues
  • Preparing tables and graphs and illustrations
  • The ability to analyze data and access to constructive conclusions
  • The ability to summarize the technical analysis that can benefit business men
  • The ability to view and provide the ideas and the results of technical studies and publications.
  • The ability to organize and participate in the preparation of workshops and discussion sessions.
  • Ability to work under pressure and in more than one task at the same time
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and Arabic
If interested and meeting the above criteria, please send your CV with a recent photo, mentioning the job title in the subject line to

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